Commit 1385f7ad authored by Dominik V. Salonen's avatar Dominik V. Salonen

Remove reference to bloat.

I removed the code that made it pointlessly wait for loads so that's no longer needed.
parent 86a102e4
......@@ -2,8 +2,6 @@
My personal website. It contains JavaScript although it's completely unnecessary. Mostly done for learning purposes. It's my first time doing Ajax so sorry if the implementation is cancerous.
Also it's extremely bloated, mostly for fun. Especially that spinner at the start waiting for the background. That's absolutely pointless but I left it.
Contains a bunch of pretty ugly CSS "hacks" to try and get the main content block centered on most displays. Tried doing it without the old transformY(); trick or Flexbox.
I know jack about JavaScript, so I know it works on the most recent Firefox, because that's the browser I use. But I won't be bothered to test it on any other browsers unless I switch browsers myself.
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